Long time followers will recognise Cocoa as Bruno’s long time BFF. Her person moved to Perth in 2017 and obviously brought Cocoa with her. I borrowed her the week before so these besties could have a final date. At the time I was frustrated that the photos didn’t turn out as planned so it took me over three years to finally sit down and edit them.

We started with a run in the park – on-lead because neither could be trusted to recall if they were off hooning together!


Do I make it look easy? Believe me, it rarely is! haha


I dunno what I was on at the time but I thought a teddy bear’s picnic would be a fun theme. One teddy bear found it incredibly difficult to leave the food alone though! 


Dave made them matching collars and leashes and I made them matching hand stamped tags.


After the park we drove to the coast for some photos at sunset with my off-camera lighting.

Weirdly, Bruno and Cocoa both got cancer at the same time but thankfully both are doing really well after treatment. It makes me sad that they’ll probably never get to see each other again but I have a bajillion photos and videos of them together so the memories will never fade. In hindsight, maybe I was being overly critical of myself when I decided these pics weren’t worth editing! 

If you’d like to celebrate your pet’s colourful life (with or without their BFF) with beautiful artworks for your home please check out the experience section for more details about how I work and the full range of products I offer.

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