“Ruth did an amazing job at capturing Ruby. She doesn’t sit still for long and is always busy looking for her next adventure so Ruth being able to take such wonderful pictures of her in action and also sitting still for that brief second was truly incredible! Ruth captured both her goofy playful personality as well her more I can be serious side. Still enjoy looking at the wonderful expressions on canvas.”

Mitz and Sammy

“Taking photos of cats is pretty much like herding them – very difficult. But Ruth managed to get some great shots. Her love of animals is evident and she patiently coaxed them into a sort of semi submission. The results are stunning photos that we will always treasure.”

ruthlessphotos-testimonials37 Princess

“My dog Princess and I thoroughly enjoyed our photo shoot with Ruth from Ruthless Photos. We got to pick a location that was special to us both. Princess had a fabulous action packed time running, catching, shaking and digging holes in the beach to her hearts content. Ruth snapped images of Princess which both captured her endless jest for life and softer moments of reflection. And I got the most amazing photos of my dog, in a location full of memories, capturing her spirit which I’ll cherish forever.”

Mouse and Rosie

“Ruth produced stunning photos of our two dogs, capturing their personalities beautifully. She was endlessly patient both with our dogs and us, and obviously understands animals. Ruth also worked hard to scout the perfect shoot location in Canberra that was still convenient for us. We’ll definitely recommend Ruth to our friends.”

ruthlessphotos-testimonials35 Daxter

“I am one of those people who has admired Ruth’s work for quite a few years now, and I dreamed that one day I would have some Ruthless Photos to hang on my walls. I finally got that chance when Ruth made a visit down to Canberra and I was so excited to have a shoot. Then Daxter happened. It would be nice of me to say he was not the most willing of models, and he absolutely refused to cooperate, yet Ruth soldiered on tirelessly and captured a presence about Dax that is just stunning. I can honestly say that Ruth’s photos are among the best I have ever seen. All of her photos capture the true personality of the pet, and you get a feeling that you have known the animal for a lifetime just in that one shot. Thank you so much Ruth. Dax’s photos are incredibly beautiful, and I’m so grateful for the time and patience you put in to get the best out of my boy xx”

Digger and Molly

“We were lucky enough to receive a photo shoot voucher for Christmas for our Labs, Digger & Molly. We were a bit hesitant about a “pet photographer” but the photos are AMAZING! Ruth captured their personalities brilliantly. We have several of the photos around our home and all our visitors comment on how wonderful they are. Ruth has a true gift (plus a lot of patience!) and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone thinking about having their pet photographed. We will definitely use her talents again.”

ruthlessphotos-testimonials33 Fonzie and Luna

“When we were looking for a photographer to take photos of our beloved Fonzie and Luna, we instantly felt a connection with Ruth via her website and the amazing photos she took of dogs.

Our photos … wow! Ruth captured the true essence of Fonzie and Luna and their photos show their cheeky personalities. We are so thrilled and look forward to arranging some updated photos in the future. Thanks Ruth for making it so fun and for their little gifts too.”


“I’m still in awe of how Ruth managed to capture beautiful images of Kara on the day of her photo shoot as she had her diva fluffy pants on! Kara was given her wings shortly afterwards. Her photos are wonderful memories that I will cherish forever. I will be booking Ruth again very soon.”

ruthlessphotos-testimonials01 Cocoa

“As always, I was absolutely stunned by how beautiful the photos of Cocoa turned out. Ruth photographed both my cats a few years ago and I knew she wouldn’t disappoint with my dog either. At the end of the shoot there was great variations between the photos – some smiley shots, some serious shots; and some incredible action shots! Ruth always captures the pet perfectly and she certainly did this with Cocoa.”


“You are way too amazing Ruth, I honestly can’t thank you enough for all you have done and the amazing memories you have captured of my precious kiwi treasure. I cannot recommend or praise you highly enough!!!”

ruthlessphotos-testimonials29 MonElite Dobermanns

“I have seen Ruth start out as a photographer and in no time her photos were taking my breath away. Ruth has photographed my dogs and all of the litters I’ve bred. She has to put up with razor sharp teeth, with dirty paws and zero cooperation from the little ones, yet each picture brings a smile to my face.”

Fetching Dogs

“Finding a photographer to volunteer their time and energy to a cause is one thing, finding a photographer that is as passionate about dogs as you are is another. We’re very lucky to have Ruth snapping our dogs and there is no doubt that those photos have helped our dogs reach a wider audience, ensuring they find their perfect forever homes.”

ruthlessphotos-testimonials08 Arctic Breed Rescue

“Capturing the essence of any animal is no mean feat, especially when you’re dealing with the “what’s in it for me” mentality of an arctic breed. Testament to her professionalism and skill behind the lens, Ruth not only captures their beauty but ensures that their personality shines through in each and every shot.”

Alfie, Jack and Milo

“We love the photos of our boys. They capture the essence of their personalities. Ruth truly has an affinity and love for dogs which shows in every shot she takes. Her friendly and relaxed approach is so nice that the afternoon we spent together is a really special memory, as are all of the wonderful photos we will have forever.”

ruthlessphotos-testimonials04 Bazza

“I was lucky enough to win a photoshoot for my dog Bazza through a charity auction fundraiser. Ruth kindly came all the way to Western Sydney to photograph Bazza as he was very shy and wouldn’t have handled being out of his home environment very well. It was a scorcher of a day and Ruth’s patience and persistence to win him over paid off as she was able to capture my boy’s true beauty with some amazing photographs.”


“We had the photo session with Ruth before we all moved to China. Jack enjoyed the session as much as we did, and the photos turned out so great! We would definitely highly recommend Ruth. Her patience and kindness left Jack with a great memory of Sydney – thanks so much!”

ruthlessphotos-testimonials06 Peityn and Kai

“Shar Pei are traditionally people-shy and not particularly food motivated. They are often very difficult to get close to and the day we had photos scheduled with Ruth was no exception! Ruth’s patience and willingness to get down on their level and give them the time they needed to get used to her was unbelievable. She not only managed to get them to come up to her but she was able to capture each of their cheeky personalities too! We can’t wait to get more photos in the future and would highly recommend Ruthless Photos.”

Metropolis Viszlas

“It was refreshing to find a photographer who takes photos that are great photos as well as making my dogs look good. Ruth’s flexibility as to timing and her patience with 9 pups over 2 hours were impressive, and the finished work was the icing on the cake. Photos by Ruth are now a standard part of my management plan for each litter!”

ruthlessphotos-testimonials10 McGraw Hill

“Getting dogs to work to a brief that specifically illustrates elements of a marketing textbook was no mean feat, but one that Ruthless Photos took with patience and enthusiasm. Ruth’s professional approach and effortless talent resulted in our book’s features standing apart from the pack.”

Gucci and Pepper

“Ruth managed to get some great shots of two very active Pomeranians together – not an easy feat! We’re thrilled with our experience and we’d definitely recommend Ruthless Photos to our friends.”

ruthlessphotos-testimonials12 Sid and Vana

“I booked a session with Ruth for my cats as I was confident her skills weren’t limited only to dogs! I was right of course, with her photos just as beautiful as ever no matter what the subject. I’m thrilled with the results and am now deciding where to hang the photos in my place so that they can be the centre of attention. I can’t recommend Ruth enough. She is talented, careful, honest and most importantly a big animal lover. Thank you Ruth!!!”

Xiao Ni

“The photos were absolutely stunning! Ruth helped me out at very short notice and was extremely helpful with everything. I would definitely recommend Ruth to anyone looking to get some pet photos. I’m looking forward to getting another dog so we can book Ruth again!”

ruthlessphotos-testimonials14 Emmy and Charlie

“Love love love Ruth’s work!!! There is no other way I can describe how I feel about it. I’ve always admired her work and love how passionate she is about dogs and photography. I am also very impressed with how she conducted the photo session with my two. Charlie and Emmy aren’t the most easiest dogs to photograph. Charlie hates cameras and Emmy is weary of strangers, but she managed to get the dogs to relax and have fun in the session. Ruth truly captured the dogs’ personalities in the photos (and there are even some smiling pics of Charlie!!!). When Richard and I saw the final results, it was awesome. There was a lot of like ‘Ohh.. this photo is SOOOO Charlie or Emmy!’ or ‘Ohhh.. we should of got this blown up and framed!’ Highly recommend Ruth.I think all our future dogs will have a session with Ruth at one stage. Can’t tell you how much we love the photos!”


“Ruth, your skill is out of this world! Your pictures are second to none. You are professional and creative – keep doing what you are doing!!”

ruthlessphotos-testimonials16 Puppy Love Rescue

“A picture paints a thousand words they say and Ruth you’ve nailed it for our rescue dogs! Your photographs have helped every dog we’ve had so far to attract their perfect forever homes in record time. We love you Ruth.”


“Extremely happy to have such beautiful photos of our bubbas Betty the Staffy and Uma the cranky cat. Definitely worth the price and the time. Ruth got the absolute best out of our pets and we couldn’t be happier with the results.”

ruthlessphotos-testimonials18 Paddy

“Our dog Paddy is a charismatic and fun-loving Dachshund cross. Ruth was able to capture this in her amazing photographs. Her professionalism, kind nature and creativity ensured that we had numerous fantastic photos of our ‘little man’. I would recommend her photography services to anyone.”


“Love your work Ruth!!! Not only are you a talented photographer, but I love the fact that you have a real passion for dogs, it enables you to capture the souls of our beloved dogs in those beautiful photos you take.”

ruthlessphotos-testimonials21 Mischiefmaka Amstaffs

“Ruth had the unenviable task of getting two litters of puppies under eight weeks of age to work the camera for her, but she rose to the challenge and left me and their new families with some great photos to remember the wrinkly puppy stage with.”


“Ruth came out to Western Sydney to spend the afternoon shooting Ruby in our backyard and also down at the cricket oval. The photos were fantastic and I was totally blown away by her professionalism and expertise. Ruby’s pictures were so good.”

ruthlessphotos-testimonials23 Amby, Jack and Maddie

“What can I say about Ruth? She is the most amazing person and so gorgeous with the dogs. She came to a whole other state so I could have her stunning photos of my fur kids. I wouldn’t think twice about getting her to come down again. Love your work Ruth!”


“We had our beautiful 16 year old girl photographed by Ruth to capture some long lasting memories that we can always cherish. The session we had turned out beautifully. Thank you Ruth for being so patient and kind to a slightly less mobile client to what you are generally used to!! We have our picture of Booker pride of place in our home.”

ruthlessphotos-testimonials24 Boston

“Such a fun day! Ruth captured so many different kinds of expressions that I didn’t even know Boston had. Not to mention the great action shots and cute innocent smiles. With such a wide selection of photos to buy it made it very hard as every one was a keeper. Thanks Ruth, you’re amazing.”


“Ruth has a wonderful talent for portraying a dogs’ soul. Pepe loved posing for his pictures, especially because it involved lots of yummy treats!! Ruth is great at knowing what will motivate a dog to bring out their true personality and capture their spirit so that it can be admired and remembered forever.”

ruthlessphotos-testimonials26 Honey

“Ruth is an amazing photographer with a huge talent for extracting the best out of her subjects. The photos she took of our dog Honey are just beautiful. I highly recommend her.”


“Ruth did an absolutely amazing job photographing our dog Boss. He’s a real character; bossy, strong willed and easily distracted. I reckon even Ruth would say that he was one of her … erm … more challenging shoots. But she worked tirelessly that day to get the best shots despite his defiant barking.”

ruthlessphotos-testimonials30 Oscar

“I would recommend you a hundred times over. Thank you so much!!”


“Thanks for the fantastic photos! I’ve never seen my dogs look more like themselves than the way you have captured them, and the photos were just stunning. All of my dog friends were so impressed when I showed them, I look forward to the next time I can bring you out to photograph them.”

ruthlessphotos-testimonials31 Enzo and Mila

“We had a wonderful time being photographed by Ruth, she is great with the furries (and their humans). Our dogs were at such ease with her it was evident in the wonderful photos we took home. The only trouble we had was having to choose from so many fantastic shots.”

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