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Helping animal welfare groups remains central to everything I do.

Photographing animals in need is where my pet photography journey started and it’s still something I devote a large portion of my time to. Every client that books a session with me is supporting my ability to offer this invaluable pro-bono service to charities.

The rescue community needs a steady, reliable stream of donations. Too often, people and businesses create short-term fundraising projects, but quickly burn out due to the time involved, and years pass before they try again. My goal is to continue to donate year after year.

That’s why, in addition to my own donations and volunteer work, I make space in my calendar for a few sustainable projects per year with a fundraising component. This model allows me to stay in business while generating thousands of dollars annually for trusted groups.

Current Projects


HUH? fundraiser book

My fourth book features lots of dogs and puppies doing epic head tilts and will bring a smile to even the staunchest cat lover’s face. The project has raised $5000 for Fetching Dogs.

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2024 Blockheads Calendar

Don’t keep your baby in the corner, let others enjoy his or her blocky head and muscly butt too!  If you own a Staffy, Amstaff or Pit Bull, young or old, this one is for you (and me, the nepotism is real).

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2024 Adorable Puppies Diary

This project might be my most genius idea to date – I get to raise money for rescue while indulging my love of adorable little puppies. Does your family have a new baby? Start their modeling career early, it’s for a great cause.

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Completed Projects

52wks of PB cover
squishy face crew book cover

Puppy Love Rescue

“A picture paints a thousand words they say and Ruth you’ve nailed it for our rescue dogs! Your photographs have helped every dog we’ve had so far to attract their perfect forever homes in record time.

We love your work!”


Fetching Dogs

“Finding a photographer to volunteer their time and energy to a cause is one thing, finding a photographer that is as passionate about dogs as Ruth is another. We’re very lucky to have her and there is no doubt that those photos have helped our dogs reach a wider audience, ensuring they find their perfect forever homes.”


Saving Staffies

“Saving Staffies had rescued a mixed breed pup that was about three months old when she came to us. We posted many photos and videos of the wonderful girl but no one seemed interested in her. After a few months in care we asked Ruth to photograph her. Within a week of her new photos going online she was adopted.

Thank you Ruth!”