I’ve had many sessions with Troy and Taka’s people but always with their Fetching Dogs or Saving Staffies foster puppies. I was so happy when they decided to book a Portrait Session and a the HUH? book session in the studio for their own gorgeous blockheads. 

First up was an Autumn shoot and we scored some absolutely perfect weather for the occasion.

blue brindle staffy on wooden bench
happy senior staffy on a wooden bench
two dogs on sandstone staircase

Troy and Taka only live together part-time but they’re both very familiar with this posing for the camera lark. It made my job very easy!

staffy lying on grass in park
senior red staffy backlit headshot

The action part of the session is usually everyone’s favourite and these two were no exception. There may have been some terrifying zoomies before my camera was ready. I don’t think there’s a shutter speed fast enough for what they were doing! 

blue staffy running in park with blue ball
old red dog running with a big stick
two dogs running with a toy in their mouth

More five star posing. Good job boys.

old red dog with grey muzzle standing in autumn leaves
blue brindle Staffy posing on wooden log

A few days later we reconvened at my studio for their the HUH? book session. Taka isn’t much of a head tilter but I was delighted to be able to squeeze a few out of him (watch the video if you want to see them).

senior red staffy with head tilt and tongue poke
blue brindle staffy on white chair against blue background
two staffys on a black ottoman against a black background

Rebecca left this really nice review on Google afterwards:

It’s always been a privilege to see Ruth work her magic on my foster pups. But I finally got my act together and booked in a session for my own dogs. Without a doubt we should have done this earlier, because the photos of Taka and Troy were amazing! Ruth helped me to pick the most beautiful location for the shoot, which went without a hitch. We also had an indoor studio session which was quick and easy. It’s a testament to Ruth’s connection with dogs when Troy, the runner, didn’t run away; or when Taka the expressionless, serious dog, even did a head tilt!


From start to finish, it was a seamless process. Can’t wait to get another dog to do it all again!

I put together a slideshow of the all images the from their gallery (grab a cuppa, it’s long) and a video of the finished products (which I really need to get better at making!). Use the cog icon to select HD if you want the best viewing experience.

If you’ve always wanted to have your dogs professionally photographed do it now, I promise you won’t regret it. Click the button below to get your session on the books today.

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