You may remember this story from the last time I photographed Chopper but I’m telling it again anyway! The beautiful red boy in these photos was on death row at Renbury Farm many moons ago. I was there for a Team Dog enrichment project and fell in love with him.

He was your typical “bull at a gate” blockhead and he was consistently overlooked because no one had ever trained him and he was a bit of a handful. I went back a week later and spent time with him, took some photos to network him and generally agonised over whether fostering him would be a terrible idea or not. (Trixie and Chopper were selective so we usually only fostered puppies.) He had the best dancey feet when you walked near his pen so I called him Flatley.

The following week he was way overdue and he was unlikely to be held over again. Just as I was about to make a stupid decision to go and foster him I heard he was adopted – by someone who’d gone there to adopt a cat, hahahahaha!

I shamelessly friend requested his new owner when I saw her comment on his adoption post. In time she decided to foster for Fetching Dogs and we got to know each other when I photographed her charges. In 2016 she decided Chopper needed to star in the Rescued Blockhead calendar and next year little brother Huey is following in his footsteps and will be Mr September. All three of her dogs, Chopper, Nala and Huey will be starring in the HUH? book as well.

Here are some of my favourites from her shoot, you can see the whole set in the video at the end.


blue amstaff lying down in studio with head tilt
blue amstaff pitbull type serious headshot
blue pitbull mlep blowing raspberry
red nose pit bull play bow on black
red nose pit bull on black with orange rubber chicken
happy fawn pit bull lying on purple background
happy fawn pit bull between owner's legs
happy fawn pit bull on pink backdrop with paw lifted

Here’s a slideshow of the all images ordered and a video of the finished products. Use the cog icon to select HD if you want the best viewing experience.

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