I’m not sure if I used all caps or if they were just implied when I commented “YOU GOT A PUPPY?!” on a photo of Snow on Facebook. I was so happy when the response was “photoshoot soon?”. Snow is Buster the Golden Retriever‘s new little mate. Knowing how quickly puppies grow, and how changeable the weather had been, I booked the session immediately.

The hardest part of my job is that I can’t just rock up to people’s houses and spend the whole time cuddling their pets, I actually have to work! Snow came strutting out to meet us, after a long day of harassing the gardeners, and I managed to keep my cuddling to a minimum before working my magic.

After a quick few portraits we got straight into the action photos. He took some moral support (in the form of my assistant running with him) to get him to retrieve, but once he got the hang of it there was no stopping him!

Buster is nine now and has slowed down a bit since he had cruciate surgery. Snow thinks he’s awesome but I’m not sure the feelings are fully reciprocated just yet.

I love shooting at this property, there are so many beautiful places to take photos. I did ask them to adopt me but I don’t think they realised I was serious!

We finished the session down by the water at their private jetty. We had a trio of noisey Pugs that wanted to take part in the shoot (clearly because there was food involved!) so it wasn’t hard for Snow to focus. Thankfully their owner put them inside … then one broke out and made her way straight to my treat bag, haha, never a dull moment in this line of work!

There’s been a lot of rain in Sydney this week. I saw a photo on Facebook yesterday of Snow absolutely covered in mud and was beyond grateful that our youngest isn’t in the naughty puppy stage any more!

Puppy’s grow up so fast, make sure you take lots of photos. If you’re struggling to get nice ones yourself then get in touch, I’d love to capture this time in their life for you.

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