You guys, it’s nearly halfway through the year and I’m still on track with my 52 weeks project – this is my best attempt ever! Maybe having completed two books since I last tried to do a 52 weeks project has made me appreciate how satisfying it is to actually finish something I start.

These first two were taken at my new space in Alexandria. It was still a shell at the time but Dave’s been working really hard to make it pretty for me. I can’t wait to start doing more shoots in there. Maybe with less emphasis on how much the subject is drooling!

pit bull with big drool stringer against black backdrop
pit bull with big drool stringer against black backdrop giving eye contact

Although he doesn’t get to wear it very often (because I’m pretty sure he’d chew it off when unsupervised), Butters got his very own Sophisticated Pet hoodie for the winter. He thinks he’s pretty tough now.

dog wearing hoodie looking out car window in the ghetto

Not a day goes by when I don’t look down and see that whatever black trousers I’m wearing have been slimed. I’m going to need to start carrying a drool rag.

red pit bull running towards camera with frothy mouth spit

Peanut Butter would like everyone to know that he is incredibly hard done by and has a very difficult life. Sometimes I take him places, on his own, and have the audacity to ask him to stand in front of pretty things for a photo. “Nup, I’m lying down so you know just how crap I think this is.”

sad pit bull lying with head on feet

#6 in my Watch the Butterball Grow series. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t started it because it’s not easy getting them lying exactly the same each month but I am loving seeing the difference. I can’t believe how much he’s changed in five months!

two pit bull type dogs on leopard blanket

If you want more of my dogs in your life you can follow them on Instagram – @ruthlessratpack

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