I introduced you to Dexter last May when he had the first session in his Puppy Package. We met again recently for his adult shoot. This time at the beach, his favourite place to be.

tamaruke labradoodle standing on rocks at the beach
chocolate tamaruke labradoodle headshot
tamaruke labradoodle laying on rock smiling

I love getting to document the growth of my puppy clients. Isn’t it cool to see how different he looks now? His coat is so different. One thing hasn’t changed though, he still looooooves to run.

chocolate tamaruke labradoodle running at beach
chocolate tamaruke labradoodle dog full flight

He’s still an excellent dog model too. Getting them in front of the camera and light early on, and creating a really positive association with them, makes them a joy to photograph at subsequent sessions.

tamaruke labradoodle dog standing on rocks at the northern beaches
chocolate tamaruke labradoodle dog lying on rocks at the northern beaches

We tried to keep him dry for as much of the shoot as possible but eventually we had to accept that Dexter is a water baby and he was having the best fun.

chocolate tamaruke labradoodle dog at waters edge at the northern beaches
chocolate tamaruke labradoodle dog running out of the ocean at the northern beaches

When Dexter was thoroughly wet and sandy, and the sun had almost set, we finished up the shoot with some more posing in front of the light. Running around with his new crazy friend was way more interesting though so he let me know my time was up, and off he went to schnitzel himself some more in the sand!

chocolate tamaruke labradoodle dog lying on wooden jetty
chocolate tamaruke labradoodle dog standing on upturned boats

Have you welcomed a new puppy into your life? I’d love to capture their puppy, teen and adult stages for you. Click the button below to get in touch for more info.

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