You’d be forgiven for thinking I’ve narrowed my niche to only photographing oodles, but it’s just a coincidence that a lot of my sessions recently have been with these types of dogs (and I’ve more coming up!). My most recent curly coated models were litter mates Will and Grace.

cream oodle standing in tree roots
happy little dog
black oodle standing in tree roots
black oodle head tilt

Grace was not a fan of the camera so I quickly switched over to shooting with my long lens. She was considerably happier with that arrangement. Look at her flying through the air with all four paws off the ground!

black oodle full flight running
cream oodle running

It’s not recommended that litter mates are raised in the same home, due to sibling rivalry, but occasionally it works out just fine, like in Will and Grace’s situation.

For the photos of this duo together I kept them on lead but stayed far enough away so as not to stress Gracie again. Did you think all the dogs I photograph are perfect models and off-lead for the whole shoot? Au contraire! My volunteer work has taught me how to work with all sorts of personalities so I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the results.

two oodles sitting together in a park
two oodles sitting together in a park looking opposite directions

I have one trick that I save for the really unwilling models and I cracked it out here for the last part of our session, with the light. I really didn’t think I’d be able to get my camera as close to Gracie as I needed to for this type of image but she couldn’t resist my high value offerings. Even with other dogs in the park deciding they wanted in on the fun too!

wide angle photo of two oodles at sunset

Will and Grace’s “mother” received a Ruthless Photos gift voucher from a good friend for her birthday. If you’d like to treat a loved one to a pet portraiture experience like this you too can purchase a voucher from my online store by clicking the link below.

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