I had the pleasure of meeting this fair haired beauty for the first time back in November. On the day I was scheduled to do his portrait session it had been well into the 40s and, while he would typically spend his days in and out of the house enjoying the air con if he got too hot, that day he’d spent a lot of his time outside. He greeted me with some excitement and a couple of laps of the fountain, but by the time I had my camera gear set up he’d lost all his steam and didn’t want any part of the photo shoot. I tried every trick in the book but eventually conceded defeat and made arrangements to come back once our schedules could make it work and the temperature was lower.

happy golden retriever with blue ball

When I saw how full of life he was on our second meeting I knew for sure that I’d made the right decision. Look at him go!


golden retriever running

I joked on my Facebook page about him having a giant paddling pool but it’s actually a gorgeous fountain in the front garden. Unlike my water babies he doesn’t ever get in it to cool off, which made me wonder if he really is a Golden Retriever. I should sight his papers to make sure.

golden retriever dog trying to get ball from water fountain

golden retriever standing at water fountain

For a six year old dog he sure knows how to turn on the cute to get a delicious treat.

golden retriever dog with head tilt

It wasn’t all plain sailing on my second attempt, he did like to try and call the shots and took himself off to bed when he’d decided he was done. Nuh-uh Buster, that’s not how it works!

golden retriever dog in mutt hut

Buster lives in one of the nicest properties I’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting at. There was no shortage of beautiful areas to work with.

golden retriever lying on verandah

smiling golden retriever profile

golden retriever dog with head tilt

golden retriever sitting on step english country garden

The swimming pool was no temptation for him. I can’t say the same for my assistant and I!

golden retriever dog lying in the sun by the pool

After the pool we made our way down to their private jetty. (I know, I’m not telling my dogs either!)

happy golden retriever on dock of harbour

Buster showed me his go-to trick, just in case I’d missed it the previous 87 times. It’s ok, I was shooting with a wide angle lens so I was close enough to not leave him hanging.

golden retriever dog with paw up at sunset

Buster’s session was a Christmas present for his best friend and rumbling buddy. This collection of photos (inspired by a spread in his album, which can be seen on my Instagram) will be hung in his bedroom. Which, if he’s anything like any other teenage boy I know, looks nothing like this composite.

sydney dog photographer custom framing

Thank you Murray family for trusting me to capture these memories for you. It’s been a pleasure working with you all.

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