You may remember Kara and Pepe from previous blog posts. These two (the twins as I like to call them) belong to the same owner. My favourite thing about her is she has way more foster fails than me so it makes me feel like owning four dogs is quite normal!

Hamilton and Thumbelina were born in foster care with AMRAA (whose own family dogs I also photographed last year). Kirsten fostered the whole litter and ended up adopting two. It was never her plan to own littermates but Thumbelina has some serious health issues so the longer she needed to stay in care for specialist treatment the more it became clear that she was already in the best home for her.

This is the first of two sessions that I’ll be doing with them (three if you count their Tails of Sydney shoot!). They were just five months old here.

Happy red husky

red husky with head tilt


red husky adolescent

smiling red husky with head tilt

red husky young female wide angle

As a vet nurse and very experienced dog owner, Kirsten is very aware of the potential pitfalls of raising littermates so she’s put in lots of work training these two, and boy does it show!

red siberian husky on a wooden sleeper

red siberian husky with front feet on a wooden sleeper

husky with tongue hanging out

silly husky

Would you just look at them posing it up like a couple of pros? I can’t wait to see what tricks they’ll wow me with at their next session!

two young Siberian Huskies sitting on a wall at sunset

husky twins

two silly huskies

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