Here’s the last set of colourful highlights from my Autumn in Canberra sessions. It was just 2 degrees when Mav and Taz’s sunrise session started and I couldn’t believe that my client and assistant both had bare legs!! I was so cold it hurt to turn the dials on my camera. (It made me wonder how I survived 29 winters in Ireland before moving to Australia!) The mist on the lake was pretty beautiful though.

senior jack russell sitting in front of misty lake at sunrise
little black terrier sitting in front of misty lake at sunrise in canberra

It was a mission getting Taz to warm to me (more to do with her fear of people than the actual temperature!) so my long lens came in very handy for this shot of her with Mav.

two little dogs sitting on a bench in park in autumn in canberra
little black dog on a bench in a park in Canberra in autumn

Here’s another fine example of why I love Canberra in Autumn … would you just look at those beautiful colours?!

little old white dog running through autumn leaves

Mav and Taz’s owner booked the session because Mav has a condition that causes him to have a lot of seizures, so they don’t think he’ll be with them for much longer. He was in great spirits this day though and had me laughing out loud every time I looked around to see him trying to run away with my tote bag (containing lots of treats) which was about three times heavier than him! Gotta love that terrier tenacity.

jack russell standing at a skate park against a blue sky

I have it on good authority that Canberra in Spring is also very beautiful, so I’ll be back down for another weekend of shooting then. Click the button below if you’d like to book a session.

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