How lucky am I that I get to photograph this gorgeous girl again in six months time?! She’s getting my Puppy Package and I’m already looking forward to shoot #2.

Millie was six months old at her first session but she still had her puppy coat which is every bit as soft as it looks in the photos. We met at a different location but the mural of a little dog that we were going to shoot in front of was being obstructed so we packed up and drove to another spot. (The beauty of knowing we had a second session up our sleeves meant we can go back there next time.)

red cavoodle puppy sitting on wooden box in front of graffiti wall
red cavoodle puppy sitting in wooden crate in front of graffiti wall

My treats that day were exceptionally exciting and it took a lot of repetitions to get Millie to stay where I needed her. We all quietly thought to ourselves that it was going to be a really difficult shoot but by the end of the graffiti photos she was sitting and staying off lead at a distance. Her owner told me that Millie has been way easier for her to take photos of since that day. Bring your puppy to me, I’ll have it trained to be a supermodel by the end of the shoot!

windswept oodle puppy sitting in graffitied doorway
red cavoodle puppy sitting in front of graffiti wall with head tilt

Next we went to the park to mix things up with some action shots. She’s a little pocket rocket!

flying oodle puppy mid air
oodle puppy chewing on stick in park

I love shooting at this park, there are so many areas to shoot in and mostly the other dogs keep to themselves. Millie was an absolute pro for the camera by now and I got some stunning backlit photos of her while the sun was setting behind the trees.

red cavoodle puppy sitting on bench at park with sun filtering through trees
profile headshot of oodle puppy at sunset
happy red cavoodle lying on wooden bench looking up at camera

There was one last spot I wanted to shoot at before we packed up. It was a bit of a walk (or high speed run if you’re a puppy) and the talent was kind of tired by the time we got there. She’s still a baby so I took her lead and wrapped things up once I knew I had a keeper.

red oodle puppy sitting in front of maroon sculpture in Sydney Park

I got a message from Millie’s owner a few hours later saying she fell asleep as soon as they got home. Now that I own a puppy I truly appreciate just how nice it is when they’re worn out. I should use this as a selling point for my sessions!

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