Another of the insta-famous dogs I worked with on my #Squishy Face Crew book project was Dougie the French Bulldog and his new little sister Maddie. They have over 81k followers on Instagram – impressive!

I’d never seen a long haired frenchie before. I presumed he was mixed with another breed until I learned that he’s a pure french bulldog with a recessive gene. You don’t see a lot of them around.

long haired french bulldog standing on log
long haired french bulldog headshot outdoors

The wattles were in bloom and hanging nice and low to the ground. The perfect backdrop for little Maddie to pose in front of.

french bulldog puppy sitting in front of wattle tree
french bulldog puppy sitting in front of wattle tree

Next up was some posing and running through the long grass.

long haired french bulldog posing in long grass at sunset
french bulldog puppy running through long grass
long haired french bulldog running through long grass

I knew the shot of them together was going to be really difficult. This tunnel is near a children’s playground and kids are like flies to honey when there’s a puppy nearby! It was also about to rain so I only had a very limited amount of time. I love how the final image turned out. It was totally worth the heartache!

two french bulldogs in a dark tunnel

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