It will come as no surprise to anyone that we decided to adopt one of our foster puppies. The dog formerly known as Snoop is now called Peanut Butter – or Butters or Butterball or Butthead, depending on his behaviour – it’s a very versatile name!

cute puppy with jar of mayver's peanut butter

With Chopper now 13 and Angel 14, Bruno was turning into an old dog as well. He would have his morning walk and then just sleep all day. He still sleeps a lot but he has a big play with Butters at least twice a day and it’s so beautiful to watch them interact (there are some videos on his Facebook page).

The addition of Butters to the pack is as much for him as it is for Dave and I. Out of the two foster puppies he far preferred the little boy so technically he got to choose which one stayed. I plan to photograph them together every month until the butterball is fully grown. I think he might end up bigger than Bruno, which would be in keeping with tradition – old to young is a sliding scale of smallest to biggest.

senior pit bull type dog with puppy on leopard blanket

We’ve never owned a puppy before so it’s fun to have a blank slate to work with. He’s pretty drivey and super smart. He fetches, he speaks on command, he loves water – I think we’re going to have a lot of fun training him. I’ll be doing a 52 weeks photo project with him this year. Not that I’ve ever completed one before but I want to capture everything about his fleeting puppy stage so that might be the motivation I need to see it to the end!

I cannot stop pointing my phone camera at this wonderful little creature but I also can’t start another social media account, so I’ve renamed Bruno’s Instagram to include all of our dogs. You’ll find most of my puppy spam there as my @ruthlessthings profile was starting to become over-run.

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