It was really nice to hear that Abby and Lola’s owners decided to book me after being gifted a copy of my Tails of Sydney book. They’d seen my volunteer work and that I live with four adopted dogs so knew I was the person to task with photographing their two rescue girls.

We started with some portraits but Abby quickly let me know that it was ball first (and second and third!).

black staffy running in park with red ball
black staffy running in park with red ball
black staffy waiting for ball to be thrown with paw raised
black pit bull type lying on grass with red ball in mouth

Lola wasn’t bothered with the ball, which is good because Abby wasn’t giving it up for anyone! She was more into sticks. Apparently they’re pretty tasty.

white pied french bulldog waiting for stick to be thrown
white pied french bulldog chewing on stick at park
white pied french bulldog chewing on stick at park
white pied french bulldog sitting in park looking up with paw raised

After Abby had fetched her ball approximately 3,862 times I moved location to do some portraits in the giant roots of a Moreton Bay Fig tree. Can you guess what I used to get her to look at the camera? Hence the happy face. Lola’s very sad face was caused by making her wait for a treat. Sorry, Lola!

happy staffy with big tongue out standing in roots of fig tree
worried pied frenchie standing in roots of big tree

I thought getting photos of the girls sitting together would be an impossible task but they actually nailed it in no time at all. The second one is currently being printed onto canvas for their home. They also ordered a large album, so look out for a digital flip through of it on my Instagram account in a few days.

black staffie and white bulldog sitting in front of rusty fence
a black dog and a white dog with opposite expressions

Thank you for the entertainment Abby and Lola. True to their breeds they’re both funny characters!

If you’d like to know more about my Portrait Sessions you can click the button below or contact me via the form here.

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