I’d just spent an hour photographing their “cousin” Holly for my #SquishyFaceCrew book so the race was on to get the money shots I needed for the 2018 Rescued Blockheads calendar before the sun set. I’ve photographed Daxter a few times before so I knew he was going to be a tricky one but when I’d pointed a phone camera at Marla on my last visit to Canberra she shone like a star, so I had high hopes for her!

She started off well, if a little derpy.

red nose chocolate pit bull type dog looking up with silly smile and tongue out to the side

Daxter was Mr Serious as usual.

red nose brindle pit bull type dog looking up at the camera

They did so well on their own I thought I was ready for some photos of them together. But it was a lovely Saturday afternoon in the park and there was a lot going on. Sometimes you just need to lie and wait for the distractions to pass, eventually your subjects will look at the camera!

dog photography takes patience

These two have the sad sack camera face perfected.

red nose chocolate pit bull type dog headshot sad face

red nose brindle pit bull type dog lying on grass looking sad

Their “we’re coming in for the treat” is highly polished also!

two red nose pit bull type dogs lying on wooden sleeper at lake in canberra

It was getting close to sunset and I knew I didn’t have the calendar cover shot yet so I was starting to worry. Marla had become antsy and it was taking all of my everything to try and stay calm so she wouldn’t feed off my bad energy. Then, out of nowhere, she gave me this image and I practically wept with joy. It had been a long day but so worth it all in the end. This is the cover shot of the 2018 Rescued Blockheads calendar. My favourite one so far.

gorgeous red nose chocolate pit bull type rescue dog on wooden deck at sunset

Marla and Daxter’s owner chose this wall collection from the shoot. She gets a tonne of bonus points from me for choosing the derpiest photo of her dogs for the centrepiece!

She also got this custom designed album (which features images from several different shoots I’ve done with her over the years, including photos of Hank who passed away recently), the digital files and some other bits and pieces.

Did anyone get the 2015 calendar? Daxter was the cover star of that one. With Marla on next year’s cover Emma now lives with two celebrities. I hope they don’t let the fame go to their gorgeous blocky heads.

Applications for the 2019 Rescued Blockheads calendar are open. If you have a rescued Staffy, Amstaff or “pit bull” type dog I’d love to hear from you.

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