rescued blockheads 2018 calendar

red nose pit bull type dog against blue sky

Have you ever thought it was an absolute travesty that your blockyheaded dog has never graced the pages of a calendar? Do you pinch their cheeks every morning and tell them that they’re all kinds of good looking? Now is the time for blockhead owners all over the world to appreciate their beauty!

In the coming months I’ll be volunteering my time to do 11 photoshoots with all these stars in the making and then producing my best Rescued Blockheads calendar yet. (Why only 11? Have you seen my handsomepants Bruno? It goes without saying that he’s getting a month, come onnnn!)

pit bull and staffy type wall calendars

100% of each participation fee will be put towards printing the calendars. The full price of each calendar sold will be split amongst these three charities:
Fetching Dogs
Saving Staffies
Team Dog

Participation fee
If your application is successful the participation fee is $100 per dog.

– A 30-45 minute session at a Sydney location
– A private appointment at my studio to view your images and purchase products
– A Masterpet/Vitapet goodie bag
– Ruthless Photos and Ruthless Leather vouchers worth $200
Digital files, prints and/or the Rescued Blockheads 2018 calendar are not included in the participation fee.

Who can apply?
Owners of adopted/rescued dogs with blocky heads (Staffy, Amstaff and/or “Pit Bull” types), young and old.

Click here to submit an application form:

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