Peanut didn’t take his photoshoot for my 2018 Rescued Blockheads calendar too seriously, and that was A-OK with me!

red nose pit bull type dog sitting in front of boatshed with derp face
red nose pit bull type dog sitting on wooden deck looking up at camera and smiling

This handsome man was originally being fostered for Fetching Dogs but he won his carers over with his ridiculousness, so they oficially adopted him.

I foolishly thought he might like to pose for photos for me but eventually I gave in and let him run and fetch things instead. I think I know which part of the shoot he preferred.

red nose pit bull type dog playing with yellow rubber bone toy on his back in the park

“This is what I think of your posing business, lady”.


After all his running I decided to attempt some portraits down by the water … nope, Peanut cares not for standing still!


Despite his uncooperativeness Peanut gave me lots to work with and I struggled to choose just one photo for the calendar. His people had a similar struggle narrowing it down and ended up buying all of these images on various substrates.

If you’d like 12 months of handsomepants blockheads to hang on your wall in 2018 my calendars can be ordered from my online store right now! All money (ALL OF IT!) raised from their sale goes to charity and they make great Christmas presents. Not just that, if you buy one you can get $20 off each copy of my Tails of Sydney book purchased at the same time. Don’t tell me I don’t look after you all!

Do you share your life with a rescued blockhead? Applications are now open for my 2019 calendar. You could get photos like these of your dog while helping me to help more dogs just like Peanut.

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