It’s almost a year since I last blogged photos of these two adorable creatures. Mint and Jazz were some of the first dogs I photographed for my Tails of Sydney book (COMING SOON!!!). We went to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair where we queued patiently (some more patiently than others) for half an hour for this very popular photography spot. There were a tonne of tourists crowded around us but these two are extremely food motivated so they were putty in my treat filled hands.

two miniature pinschers with sydney opera house and sydney harbour bridge in the background

Yes, they are both wearing Ruthless Leather collars, in case you were wondering.

two dogs with sydney opera house and sydney harbour bridge in the background


chocolate miniature pinscher

chocolate min pin

black and tan min pin

black and tan miniature pinscher

Would you just look at them posing like champions!

two min pins standing on moreton bay fig tree root

two small dogs on red bench

two small dogs standing on red bench

Their owners got enough wall art to open a Ruthless Photos gallery last time around so they opted for an album and digital files this time, with the album including images from both sessions. I posted a flip through of it on social media (click the HD button).

Would you like a Sydney shoot with your dog? I’m very familiar with all the landmark locations and can make recommendations based on your dog’s training and temperament. Send me an email, let’s chat!

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