When I got an email asking if I could fit in a photoshoot with a bulldog puppy as soon as possible, because she was growing so fast, I didn’t hesitate to offer up my day off! Lucy’s people had seen my photo of Harry in the wooden box at Rupert & Dora in Paddington and wanted something similar for their new home. Unfortunately the café where I took the photo has since closed down but I have a wooden box of my own that I brought along.

Lucy had LOTS of energy so we started with some action shots. There aren’t many things I love more than watching a bulldog run!


Bulldog puppy running with toy Paddington Reservoir Sydney

Cute bulldog puppy with orange ball

Bulldog puppy running with toy Paddington Reservoir Sydney

Look at her TEEEFS!

Adorable bulldog puppy dog in Sydney

Bulldog teefs

I swear I didn’t encourage her to jump on me to get this shot (lies).

Bulldog puppy jumping

It’s fair to say that sitting in the box wasn’t on Lucy’s agenda that day but after much bribery she humoured me. Briefly.

Sad british bulldog puppy in a wooden box

British bulldog puppy in a wooden box from above

Her people came for their viewing session last weekend and chose these two wall art pieces to remember Lucy’s puppyhood. (They’ll have the same frame, these are just composites.)



Do you or someone you know have a new puppy? Please tell them all about me, I absolutely love working with puppies!

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