I first met Bindi and Cosmo’s owner many many eons ago when I was installing a display at PawPaws Urban Retreat (since closed down). As a fellow rescued blockheads lover she’s been following my work for a long time and when she saw my Tails of Sydney project she decided it was time to get her dogs photographed. Initially she only applied with Bindi, because she thought she’d have a better chance of being accepted with just one dog but when she told me she had another dog I encouraged her to include him too. A decision I may have slightly regretted on the day of the shoot! (Just kidding Cosmo!!)

Bindi is 12 and has osteoarthritis in her legs. She spent much of her younger years jumping over fences and breaking out of things that she wasn’t supposed to, so she’s starting to feel the toll it’s taken on her body. Her preferred position on the day was lying down, which made life quite easy for me.

happy old dog

Bindi needs to be sedated to have her toenails clipped, as she can’t walk enough on concrete anymore to keep them short, so they were quite long on the day.

happy dog gladesville bridge

Cosmo’s preferred position was anywhere other than where I wanted him to be! You won’t see it in these photos but he was tethered for the majority of the shoot and the leash was edited out afterwards.

two dogs in front of gladesville bridge

senior dog lying on beach

senior dog standing in the water

happy grey faced dog

It’s not hard to see why these dogs are the most loved dogs in Sydney. Who wouldn’t do anything for those faces?


smiling white staffy with eye patch

We were treated to a spectacular sunset at the end of the shoot. I had hoped to photograph it from the little dock to the right but I was beaten to it by some fishermen.

dog in front of beautiful sunset

happy white staffy with sydney sunset

Bindi and Cosmo’s owner chose my Deluxe Collection, with 10% of the sale going to the rescues she chose, and took home an album, some wall art, an acrylic block and a digital files collection. I shared a flip through of the album on Facebook and Instagram. Part of the Tails of Sydney package inclusions was a voucher for a discounted Portrait Session, so I look forward to seeing Bindi and Cosmo again soon for another session in their home – where Cosmo won’t be tempted to run away!

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