A few months ago my lovely friend Chris was organising a fundraiser for her Let’s Build a School initiative. Dave and I aren’t big fans of trivia so we donated vouchers to ease the guilt of not attending the night. Mint and Jazz’s owner bought both the Ruthless Leather and Ruthless Photos vouchers. She’s been a follower for a while and was delighted to help a worthy cause while scoring something she had planned to buy some day anyway. When she got in touch to book I was incredibly wary about her choice of location for the session – a dog park. She assured me that both dogs are comfortable there and they’re well trained. Mint takes a while to warm to new people so, on the day of the shoot, I sat on the ground with him for a good 15 minutes while I clicked and treated (with yummy Happy Paws Training Treats – doggy crack!). Once I’d finally won him over I started shooting and my already very sore knee went #*@&! and left me unable to weight bear on that leg. I had no choice but to end the session and get myself to the ER (yeah, I probably wasn’t fit to drive, but I lived to tell the tale).

The whole knee saga is covered in this post so I won’t go into it all again. Long story short, in between the first ouch and the second ouch I managed to complete Mint and Jazz’s session and they were absolute stars. Mint remembered me as the lady with the awesome treats and wasn’t remotely afraid of the camera, we weren’t plagued by photobombers and we ended up having a wonderful session! Apparently busting my knee during the first attempt was meant to be, but I’m not sure I’m buying into that theory!!

These are some of the wall pieces they’ve chosen for their house.

There are a few other components to the order but you’ll have to wait until I post a photo on my Facebook page to see them.

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