I went along to the French Bulldog Club of NSW fun day at Rushcutter’s Bay last weekend. If you know me at all you know I’m obsessed with these funny little dogs! Before we got our first boofhead, Angel, I wanted a Frenchie and had contacted some breeders but was put off by the long waiting lists – I wanted a dog and I wanted one now! So, we adopted Angel, the first Staffy I went to meet, and nine years later our home is still full of blockheads. I think I’ve found my breed for life, but I often imagine a future shared with a squishy face as well.

On Sunday I was still feeling the effects of the jet lag that just keeps giving but I went along to indulge my obsession anyway and brought my camera to take a few snaps. It didn’t take long for me to hit the wall, but I got to steal rather a few snorty cuddles in the short time I was there. Mission accomplished!

fawn french bulldog funny face

I met Ody and his owner there (Ody was my rent-a-Frenchie at the last Dog Lover’s Show) and Pryah, a tiny baby puppy they’re minding before she goes to her new home. Afterwards they came back to mine and Bruno got to have a little playdate with his buddy and his new even littler buddy. Then Pryah worked the camera better than 90% of the puppies and dogs I’ve photographed in my whole career – what a superstar!

cute fawn french bulldog puppy standing on wooden bench

fawn french bulldog puppy standing on wooden bench looking up at camera

This last photo is just an iPhone snap, but it got about 10k likes and several hundred shares on Facebook so I figured I’d include it here too. It’s kinda cute and I wish I’d taken it with my proper camera which was only feet away, DOH!

I put a video up on Bruno’s page. Check it out if you want to see Pryah unleashing her ‘tude on the big bad Bruno > https://www.facebook.com/themosthandsomedogalive/videos/783921438390764/

If you know anyone who shares my love of these funny dogs feel free to share this post with them … and tell them they need to book a Portrait Session with me!!

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