Towards the end of last year I received an enquiry from someone whose email signature told me she lived in New York. Her brother was getting married soon, in Mexico, and she wanted to buy him and his wife a voucher for a Portrait Session and my Deluxe Collection as a gift. Sisters (and brothers) of the world take note, cause that’s one heck of a high benchmark she set for you all! A few months later the newlyweds contacted me to arrange a session with their GORGEOUS Border Collie Pelucho.

‘lucho’s people are from Mexico but moved here to study and work. They live near one of my favourite locations and have dog outings there all the time, so that’s where we arranged to meet. Remember a few months ago when we had lovely mornings and then awful afternoons? That’s when this took place. As soon as I got to the location the sky filled with clouds and completely stole my mojo. Light plays a big role in the majority of my sessions so I suggested we just do some action shots and then reconvene on another day. One of us really didn’t care about the dull light and had a great time running around and generally loving life.



It took a while to arrange a reshoot due to weather and schedule clashes, but the day we finally agreed upon was just perfect. This yummy light is what makes me a very happy little dog photographer.


The first day I met Pelucho he was recovering from a stomach bug and didn’t love me like most dogs do. In fact he pretty much snubbed me. Thankfully he was feeling much better the second time around and he brought all of his smiles and silliness to the party.


One request at the time of booking was that I included the happy couple in some of the photos so it was lucky for me that my camera loved them just as much as their dog. I seriously want these guys to adopt me. I just love their happy little family unit.




Isn’t Pelucho good looking? He was so well behaved too. Combined with balanced and socialised I think he might just be perfect!


While he’s quite the action jackson, Pelucho enjoys just hanging with Dayann and Maria too.



Time for a quick breather before more acrobatics.



During their portrait session Dayann expressed an interest in my flash work and asked if they could book a Sun Session as well. Knowing what a lovely bunch they were to work with I agreed enthusiastically. A few weeks later we met at a different location, on what was one of the coldest windy days I think I’ve ever experienced while living in Australia. Once again, Pelucho the champion wasn’t bothered by the weather!

I couldn’t decide which of these two photos to share, so you’re getting them both.




I’d love to claim that matching headstands was my idea, but it was totally their own doing. They even taught Pelucho to bow in-between them, but he forgot to bring that particular trick to the shoot.


Playing tug is a very effective way to warm up. Lying on the damp grass, not so much.


And I’ll leave you with this, a winning smile from my new favourite Border Collie (actually he’s tied in first position with Cruize).


Do you have a Border Collie that you think could push Pelucho and Cruize off the top spot? Get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!

Dayann and Maria’s album and wall art are currently being carefully prepared by my labs. I’ll share the finished products on my Facebook page, so keep an eye out for them if you like looking at beautiful things.

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