I recently introduced a new session type called Puppy’s First Year. I absolutely love photographing puppies but they change so much in their first year so I wanted to make it a viable option to have three sessions during that time. Then, if you want, you can wait until after the last session to order an album or wall collection (enabling you to include memories from all three stages). I was delighted that Amy from The Dog Coach chose me to document the first year of her new Swiss Shepherd puppy Gloria’s first year. I had to do some juggling to fit her in before my holiday* but I’m really glad I was able to do that because she’s already changed so much in those few weeks. You can follow her on Instagram to see how she’s growing into those big ears of hers!

I find the best way to keep a fidgety puppy where I want them is to put them on or in something, so up on the bench she went. With both Amy and I ready to catch her if she tried to jump. Which she did. Plenty of times!



This tree with very low branches and the sun behind it was perfect puppy height for a bokeh-background.


I really wanted to get these shots but, despite what you see below, I couldn’t. I probably shouldn’t ruin the magic but both of these photos are composites because nine week old puppies don’t always do exactly what you ask them to.


We really tested Gloria’s patience with all the posed shots so she was fit to burst when the leash was unclipped and off she ran (and fell and tumbled). I think the clumsy puppy run might be one of my all time favourite things.



You’d be right in thinking she looks like she’s a wild animal that’s about to pounce on her prey. Unfortunately my head was in her sights and she landed right on it and started chewing my hair. I looked like I’d been dragged through a bush backwards by the time she was finished.


She does good stink eye.


Long after the sun had set little madam was still all go like an energiser bunny – in energy levels and appearance!


Gloria will graduate puppy school soon and I imagine she’ll be a proper little superstar when we meet for her second session in August. I can’t wait!

* I just got back from a few weeks in Europe (Dublin and Budapest). I was traveling without a DSLR so you won’t be seeing any holiday photos on here, there are a handful on my Instagram though.

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