Cricket’s owners made a big mistake … while fostering her for Fetching Dogs they didn’t bring her to me for photos before they decided to adopt her! It’s a rookie error but I’m totally ok with the fact that they love my work so much they decided to book a session once she’d settled in.

Modelling isn’t her strongest skill but I will give it to her, when she did give me a split second of cooperation she gave me excellent camera face. So she’s getting gold stars on her report card!

Here’s a slideshow of the images they selected and a video of the finished products. Click the cog wheel to select the best resolution available.

If you’d like to celebrate your pet’s colourful personality with beautiful artworks for your home please click the button below for more details about how I work and the full range of products I offer. Fetching Dogs adopters, don’t forget there’s a special offer available for you. If you’re not in our Facebook group just drop me a line for details.

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