Long time followers will know that we like to take our dogs to Jervis Bay at least one a year. We missed last year though because we were in lockdown, booooo. I typically end up turning the holiday into 7 days of back-to-back photoshoots because where we stay is always a much nicer backdrop than our own home. I was sick this year though so I didn’t feel like doing much.

This was Ninja’s first holiday and he kicked things off with a bang, literally, by running full speed into the glass sliding door. I don’t know how either he or the door survived the collision but thankfully they did! Dave taped a six pack wrapper to the door so he didn’t miss it again and that worked a charm.

We’ve stayed at The Palings twice before, you might recognise it from previous holiday photos. This was our fifth holiday in Culburra Beach. We’ve tried two other holiday homes in that time (coincidentally both on the same street) but we keep coming back to The Palings because it ticks all but one of my boxes – I’m still trying to find somewhere with more space for the dogs to run. (Yes, there’s a giant dog friendly beach mere footsteps away but I don’t own dogs that can be off lead in public together.) As you can see from the photos, they still managed to run, it’s just a bit cramped for me to be able to photograph the action.

We didn’t have any injuries or ticks this year. Dave managed to melt not one but two red bins on our last morning but apart from that it was a successful trip!

I put together a slideshow of photos, lots are just snaps but I’m including them anyway because I can! Click the cog wheel to select the best resolution available.

If you live on the South Coast and want to book a session I’m totally open to the idea of coming down again as my sickness was an unwelcome passenger on this last holiday!

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