Take two stressed owners (one who was heavily pregnant), strong winds, a misread tide times table (I’m throwing my husband under the bus here, sorry Dave!), a reactive dog who was very unsure about everything and a Lab who desperately wanted to jump in the water – my photoshoot with Charlie, Huxley and Leo was intense, to say the least! 

Thankfully I have been photographing exclusively pets since 2008 so I can handle any situation. Even this fairly chaotic one.

We started with some portraits on the rocks. Usually I’d have more space to work with but because the tide was in I had to get Dave to make sure I didn’t step back too far. The last thing we needed was for me to add to the craziness!



After the first location we moved to another spot for the off camera lighting portion of the shoot. It was a lot for Leo but thankfully he loves his food so he was putty in my hands.


Before Leo was brought back to the car to decompress we did a quick family photo. I have no idea how I managed to pull this off, to be honest! hahaha


Charlie, still fighting her urge to swim, did some sterling modeling up on the rock. She’s such a character.


Last up was Huxley. I did her adoption photos when she was a puppy so I suppose I probably taught her the same serious camera face that my own blockheads all make!


These dogs were all on lead for the entire session, bet you couldn’t tell, could you? Do you have a pack of dogs that you think wouldn’t behave well enough for a photoshoot? I’m willing to take on the challenge! 

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