Happy 3rd Birthday to my middle child, Peanut Butter.

He’s been a very good big brother to Ninja so he got spoiled with presents, a yellow/gold blob cake (which was just as ugly as last years’ orange blob cake) and a muddy outing with his two besties Molly and Norah this morning.

Note to self: Teach my dogs to smile for the camera!


I could’ve only bought him the giant squeaky foot, it was his absolute favourite. Check out these ridiculous videos of him playing with it on my Facebook page.



Yellow and gold blob cake was slices of wild boar Prime100 with peanut butter, yoghurt and cream cheese icing and melted carob. It was a hot day so it didn’t travel very well in the passenger footwell of my car! Mark my words, this is the last time I opt to make my own cake over buying a professionally made one!!


Again with the happy faces.


Butters wasn’t sure about the balloons at all at first but thankfully he managed not to give himself a scare by bursting one. 


Cake and presents are all good but his favourite thing to do is go for a run with his besties. So we all met up early this morning, without my camera gear, for some fun in the mud.

Processed with Focos

Bruno’s birthday is in a month but I promised him last year that I wouldn’t subject him to another studio shoot, we’ll be going on an adventure instead. Don’t worry, there’ll still be photos!

I don’t offer cake smash / birthday shoots on their own but they can be included in a Studio Session if the client arranges the cake and props. Click the button below to find out more about my services.

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