Birthday season used to mean four dog birthdays but this year there were only two. I’m pretty sure that last year I said no more productions but once again my pants were on fire.

The first birthday boy was Peanut Butter. He turned two in October – or terrible two if you will.

butters and biscuit
terrible two dog biscuits
If you’re subscribed to the ruthlist you’ll have received the recipe for those cookies in my last email. If you’re not I might share it if you sign up now.

Of course there was cake as well. I called his last one frankencake but this one was even more of an eyesore! My dogs are raw fed so I prefer to make my own cakes so I know exactly what’s in them. Do you know what’s great about dogs? They only care about how it tastes, and this monstrosity was a big hit at his little party.

dog birthday cake
dog birthday cookie

Because Butters lost his off-lead privileges he hadn’t hung out with his Tuesday morning friends for ages. So I booked Happy Little Howlers for a little party so he could play with them and some of his daycare friends AND his sister who he hadn’t seen since she was adopted (at 9wks).

butters and raven
happy butters with cake
More pics and vids from his day are here:

There were a horrible couple of days a few months ago when I thought Bruno wasn’t going to make it to double digits so I went a bit overboard with his tenth birthday production. Butters went to daycare so he got to have all of my attention (apart from the way too long I spent trying to make a balloon garland, never again) and he got cake, treats and presents. Some visitors stopped by to wish him a happy birthday (and got roped into blowing up balloons), which made him smile and wag his tail big time. Then he finished off the day with a laser treatment on his back and some more treats.

bday bruno sad sack
bday bruno drop
bday bruno sit
bday bruno headshot
Of course Bruno got a homemade raw cake too. It was slightly less of an eyesore than Butters’ one!
bruno cake
bruno cake taste
bruno lick
Bruno doesn’t even really like toys but I bought him some anyway. Butters got a green version of the red coffee cup for his birthday. Bruno had shown some interest so I got him his own one. Plush toys used to be for destroying but he hasn’t been allowed to rip up Butters’ toys for a long time so he didn’t destuff his jellyfish, like I thought he would. He got treats too. He’s never met a treat he didn’t like. (Oh apart from maybe the bully stick that he threw up just before I started taking photos!)
bruno gift bag
bruno nose in bag
bruno presents
bruno and jellyfish
Birthday photos are a nice way to remember each milestone. If your puppy takes part in my Adorable Puppies Diary fundraiser they’ll get a free photoshoot on their 1st birthday. I can’t promise a balloon garland or a frankencake but I can promise to capture precious memories for you!
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