My favourite aspect of this project is having the luxury of getting to experiment with new styles and techniques. I’ve had coloured gels for ages and I finally made time to play with them. I love the result.

dog photographed with coloured gels

I’ve been getting a bit woo recently with meditation and self-hypnosis. This image is an homage to my new way of life. Ironically, Butters interrupts 50% of my sessions, no matter what lengths I take to find peace. I might have to drive somewhere to escape his louder than my noise cancelling headphones attention-seeking behaviour!

pit bull as cosmic being

He’s not a baby anymore, he’s a whole year old! Where did the time go? I’m glad I’ve been recording his life on a weekly basis, I love seeing how odd he looked for a while there, hahahaha

birthday pitbull
birthday pitbull with cake
birthday pitbull with cake lick
birthday pitbull with cake lick
birthday pitbull with cake lick
raw fed natural doggie birthday cake
dog licking beaters
dog family birthday party with cake

If the devil dog horns fit, Peanut Butter.

Gone are the days when I used to get about four hours of peace in the morning, in which to work, after he’d been fed. I’m lucky to get one now before he starts pecking me. Such a pest!

devil dog
devil dog

#11 in my Watch the Butterball Grow series, the summer edition. We’re all very happy that there’s only one more of these photos left to take!


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