I first met Henry’s people at the Dog Lovers Show. They purchased my special offer but warned me that they wouldn’t be booking in straight away because their Schnauzer, Henry, was still a naughty puppy who couldn’t be off-lead. Their waiting paid off because fast forward almost 12 months and I was able to offer them a studio session in a safe space where he couldn’t run away from us.

Henry is still quite young and was SUPER excited to be having an outing to my studio. There was slight terror in my eyes when I saw how lively he was but as soon as I put him to work he settled right down. I know I’ve said it a million times before but … I love a food motivated subject!

Just because we’re indoors doesn’t mean it’s all stiff poses, we can do action photos too! Henry loved this big blue tug toy that I got from Kmart.

I offer two backdrop colours for studio sessions, for variety. With the help of coloured gels I was able to mix things up even more.

In keeping with the blue props theme (which was totally unplanned!) we played some fetch with a Cuz toy on the black backdrop. I had to make some ridiculous noises to get him to lift his head up, his owner learned all of my tricks at this session.

Along with a beautiful custom designed album (which I’ll share on my socials later) this stunning 20×30″ Kodak in metal is currently in production. I’m going to feel like Santa Claus when I drop off their order!

If you’ve been thinking about celebrating your pet’s colourful life you should jump on my special Christmas offer. Click the button below for full details.

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