I’ve had some fun Portrait Sessions recently – I love being able to offer outdoors as well as studio pet photography (or both on the same day for the cost of one session – message me to ask me how that works). They’re both such different styles and each have different positives and limitations. For example Hendrix could not have run like that, with jowls flapping everywhere, in my studio!

Stella and Cruz’s owner has been a long time follower so it was nice to finally meet her and her dogs. I’m surprised our paths hadn’t crossed sooner because we both used to volunteer for the same rescue group.

Next up was Mason, a Fetching Dog who got adopted before he needed me to take his adoption photos. I definitely pouted when that happened! He was an absolute delight and I did very well not to smuggle him home in my camera bag.

Tasha ⁣was bred by a friend of mine and she saw my post about me wanting to adopt Hendrix, also a Fetching Dog but one who I’d met and photographed. She shared the post and one of her puppy buyers ended up adopting him. I was lucky to have these two lookers in front of my lens twice this year – once for the HUH? book and a second time for their Portrait Session.

Click on the first thumbnail to open the full image and then scroll though the gallery using your arrow keys or the arrow buttons on the left and right of the image.

Have you checked out my end of year special yet? There are only a handful left so run, don’t walk!

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