Kuuki and Nyksi were the very lucky winners of my 2020 Love Your Pet Day giveaway. These are some of my favourites from the Studio Session they had at the start of June.
These two Finnish Lapphunds are an absolute credit to their owners. They are beautifully well behaved and do everything with a smile on their faces.
I haven’t met a lot of Lappies but I’ve never met one I didn’t like. If it wasn’t for all the hair I’d be very tempted to add one to our mix – we already owned a Husky though, I’ll never live with a long haired dog again, I wear too much black!

Click the play button below to see the full slideshow from their gallery and some of the finished products from their artworks order.

The title screen is a composite of the Superia collection, in the configuration that it will be hung.

If you’d like to celebrate your pet’s colourful life with beautiful artworks for your home please check out the experience section for more details about how I work and the full range of products I offer.

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