This is almost vintage Ruthless Photos work right here! Bella and Marco’s session was in 2018 and their person placed and paid for her order a few weeks later. There were a couple of decisions to be finalised but life got in the way, several times, so it wasn’t until last week that we got to nut things out. I’m delighted that I can now share these!
There is a sizable age gap between Marco and Bella. He was just two at the time and she was 11. It’s fair to say he was a lot more enthusiastic about the action part of the shoot!
When you reach double digits you earn the right to do what you please. At least that’s Bella’s philosophy! She made me work hard for this shot … and all the others.
Macro made up for it in spades. What a poser!
When I found these pretty flowers I made it my mission to get some of Bella amongst them. Thankfully she was done protesting by now!
We finished the session with the off-camera lighting where I got some gorgeous photos of the pair together.

Click the play button below to see a digital page turn of the album their people ordered. Obviously, the real life version will be a lot more impressive!

Underneath is a composite of the collection of canvas artworks that make up the rest of the order.

2018-15-MarcoBella – Room – Screen Grab

If you’d like to celebrate your pet’s colourful life with beautiful artworks for your home please check out the experience section for more details about how I work and the full range of products I offer.

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