When I need a dog model the first place I ask is in my private group for the ruthlist subscribers. If that fails I put a call out on my Facebook page, which is exactly where I found these three medium sized light coloured dogs. 

First up was Echo – who was the first dog that I photographed for the HUH? book earlier in the year. When I opened my camera bag I realised I’d brought the correct body that I wanted to test but not the correct lens (they look identical!) and I promptly blamed the foster puppies for giving me baby brain! Since I was there with three models lined up I went ahead anyway. As usual, this gorgeous boy was a joy to photograph.


Next up was Elcho, who may be the first standard Poodle I’ve ever photographed. We were having a great time until his ball went behind a construction fence. While I was rescuing someone from a Magpie, Elcho’s person managed to retrieve the precious ball. I don’t know how. I should have been watching, she must have go-go-gadget arms!


The light was just stunning and even though all these locations were within a few minutes of each other they all look very different. My last model was Chubby (not chubby) and she was exactly what you’d imagine a young Golden Retriever to be – naughty! But boy did the camera love her.


When I told Echo’s person I thought I’d brought the wrong lens she said she was happy to meet up again later in the week. The first test shoot wasn’t a complete waste of time thankfully, I learned things about the body that I needed to adjust so when we met the second time I was much better prepared. I also got some lovely shots with the new body/old lens combo which my models are all very happy to be receiving.


When I was done test shooting action stuff I offered to take some portraits. Echo is with the same talent agency as my boys – Animal Talent Time – and it helps to get noticed when they have professional photos on their profiles. Echo is definitely more talented than my two! 


If you’d like to celebrate your pet’s colourful and action-packed life with beautiful artworks for your home please check out the experience section for more details about how I work and the products I offer.

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