Sometimes I like to make life really difficult for myself by taking all three dogs into the studio (with no Dave around to help) to make a card for him. It’s extra difficult now I have to carry Angel down the stairs because if I don’t she likes to try and launch herself down them like some sort of superhero jumping from a tall building. How she’s made it to 15 is beyond me!

I haven’t taken a single non phone picture of my dogs since I finished Butters’ book so this outing was long overdue.


Apart from the logistical difficulties and arriving to find my aircon needed something done to it that I didn’t know how to do, everything actually went pretty well! Butters put up with wearing sunglasses. Bruno was uncharacteristically perky-eared. Angel didn’t throw up or pee on a bed like the last time she was in the studio. I’d call that a raging success!


If you want to know why Angel didn’t have any camera time let me show you what typically happens when I point a camera at her – this! Also, she’s old and hates it so I try not to make her pose for photos too often. She left the house, that was enough stress for her for one day.

I don’t photograph my dogs with the “proper” camera as often as I probably should but I do post a lot of phone pics and silly videos on their Instagram account. You can follow them if you click the button below.

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