52 weeks of Peanut Butter book

Peanut Butter (Butters for short (or Butthead if he’s being a real brat!)) joined our pack in December 2018. We’ve never owned a puppy before, despite fostering several and I’ve never finished a 52 weeks project despite starting several. My need to document every stage of his growth made completing this project a no-brainer. Some weeks it was hard to find time (particularly when I was fitting out my new studio) but now that it’s finished I’m really glad that I stuck it out. The series of him and Bruno together are my favourite pages. I’m thankful that I don’t have to shoot any more though, I’ve run out of ways to get Bruno to prick his ears!


This book was never intended to be more than a personal project but as it was coming to an end much of Australia was on fire. While Dave and I and our pack were never under any real threat we were deeply affected by the bushfire crisis. We watched places we’ve holidayed in, and communities we have a huge fondness for, lose everything. We’ve donated to some charities already but hopefully putting this book out into the world can help raise some more money. I’m donating $10 from every book sold, to WIRES. You can read more about their appeal here.

Click the play button below to see a digital page turn of the entire book. (HD available if you click the cog wheel.)