When I read Wylie’s pre-session questionnaire, and all the stuff he knew, I was really excited for his session. One thing they forgot to mention was how smiley he is. What a ray of sunshine!


I was warned that he’d want to get in the water as soon as he saw it so I had to work quickly to get his dry coat portraits in the bag. He was dying to get off the rock but he humoured me for a few minutes.


Wylie had a rare auto-immune condition a few years prior that deformed his legs slightly. That didn’t stop him from wanting to run and run and run though.


Finally he was allowed in the water – he loved it!


When I finally realised that the ball was the thing he wanted the most it was very easy to get him to look at the camera.


After the beach we drove to our second location for some photos with the off-camera lighting. Wylie was such a dream to work with and that smile didn’t fade the whole time.


I made Wylie’s owner run at a flock of seagulls to get this shot. So worth it!

At their design consult they chose a package that consists of a Portfolio Box, wall art and the corresponding digital files. I’ll share a video on my Facebook page when it’s all ready.


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