When social distancing measures were put in place by the government I had no option but to reschedule all my Mar/Apr bookings. I’m currently in self-isolation (which, in all honesty, isn’t that hard for this introvert who loves nothing more than a cancelled plan!) because I really really want this situation to improve for all of us.

When I’m not shooting I’m not earning so this was a sucky decision to have to make. I know pet photography could not be further from the front of everyone’s minds right now but I hope when things settle down I’ll be able to pick things up where I left off and continue to create precious memories of your furry best friends for you. I’m sure my dogs will be so ready for a break from my camera by then!

I’m not closed, I’m just working from home. I’m contactable, still taking bookings and social-media-ing. With any luck some foster puppies might land in my lap to keep my spirits up.

I hope to start shooting again at the start of May but that all depends entirely on what restrictions are in place at that point, because it’s not feasible to maintain 1.5m distance from you while I photograph your pets. 

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