I shared one of April’s 52 weeks photos in my last post so I only have three official pics in this round up. Butters is nearly 7mos now and still no sign of him stopping growing. He’s overtaken Bruno but they’re still the best of friends. He actually plays heaps with Chopper and Angel too. All the while I’m holding my breath and hoping he doesn’t break them!

pit bull puppy 8 weeks vs 6 months

While he was up on the table I took some new photos for his talent agent. We’re still waiting for him to get his big break. Surely there’s a role out there for a resting sad face dog that looks like he’s melting!

six month old red pit bull mix

Bruno shared the limelight for the Easter photos. They reallllly wanted to eat eachothers bunny ears.


Neither of Butters parents are wrinkly so I’ve always presumed he’d grow into his. Until then we have fun making him look like a Shar Pei, haha


This isn’t an official project photo so consider it a bonus! It’s called a nibble, a lick, a kiss and a hug.

pit bull kiss cuddle with tradesman

I cracked out the matching outfits for month five of Watch the Butterball Grow. Thank you Kmart, once again.

two pit bull type dogs wearing lumberjack shirts

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