Pippin and Pockets’ owner was so keen to book an Autumn session with me she had it locked in six months prior. At the time it was only for Pippin but later Pockets joined their family so it was good that he got to be included as well. Both boys are oodles but one is a Lab mix and the other a Spaniel mix.

The boys are both quite young still but Tracy puts lots of work into their training so they were a real pleasure to photograph.

oodle lying on grass in autumn in Canberra
spaniel mix lying on grass in autumn in Canberra
couple with two dogs

I’m spoilt for choice with Autumn locations in Canberra but I always go back to this one because it’s so colourful and has great light in the afternoon.

oodle lying on green bench with autumn leaves in Canberra
spaniel mix standing on green bench with head tilt in Canberra

It took four of us to release the new toy I’d brought them from it’s packaging (note to self, add a scissors to my bag of tricks for next time!) but it was worth the effort. Both dogs thoroughly enjoyed fetching it and then they ran straight back to the camera … mostly.

oodle running with orange toy
red dog running with orange toy
two dogs playing in park in autumn in canberra

We wrapped up the session with some posing in front of Lake Burleigh Griffin. It was somewhat windy!

two oddles on wooden beam in front of lake in canberra OCF
two oodles standing on wooden beam in front of lake OCF

The boys’ owner is also a photographer and she tells me that Canberra in Spring is beautiful, so I may do another weekend of shooting in the capital then. Click the button below if you’d like to book a session.

Canberran’s, I’ll be at A Pooch Affair in June – if you’re there please swing by my stand to say hi and enter my big giveaway.

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