I worked with some uber famous dogs on my #SquishyFaceCrew book project, Biscuit and Pikelet were two of them. They have over 104k followers on Instagram – I can’t even!

I know these boys have done lots of crazy stuff and are fazed by little so I decided to photograph them on a giant inflatable. What could possibly go wrong, hey? I won’t lie it was a very tricky shot to get because the water was quite choppy that day and we were determined to keep Biscuit and Pikelet dry. I was delighted that we managed to pull it off. I was also pretty happy that I managed to stay upright in the sinking sand and not drown myself (and my gear) before I’d even got the first shot.

two fawn pugs biscuit and pikelet on an inflatable rainbow cloud

When the money shot was in the bag we retreated to dry land. Much safer for all parties.

Biscuit and Pikelet are brothers but from different matings, so there’s a slight age difference. Since he was there first, and put in the hard yards to get lots of followers, the Instagram handle and website URL are both Mr Biscuit the Pug. The boys are the best of friends and share their home with their cat frenemy.

happy panting fawn pug in nature
happy panting fawn pug sitting on a rock in the bush
biscuit and pikelet the famous pugs sitting on rock looking up at camera

You might recognise this location if you own my Tails of Sydney book. I was happy to have an excuse to go back there again, there are so many great photo spots. The boys posed like the absolute pros that they are.

funny shot of two pugs holding hands
two pugs at sunset with off camera lighting and lens flare
fawn pug standing on old ship cogs
fawn pug standing on old ship cogs
biscuit and pikelet the fawn pugs sitting in an orange safety life ring

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