Buddy was adopted from Fetching Dogs when he was just a baby puppy. Back in July his owner applied for my Rescued Blockheads calendar fundraiser, citing that he was a Staffy mix. I had to break it to her that he wasn’t quite what I was looking for. Thankfully, because he’d been adopted from Fetching Dogs, I could offer them a spot in my Rescued calendar instead. Meet Mr. April!

small tan and white pied terrier sitting on rock looking concerned
small tan and white pied terrier sitting on rock looking sad

Buddy is wary of strangers – mostly men, but women with big black cameras should be given a wide berth also. After sitting for a few portraits I decided to switch to action with a long lens so he had more time and space to get used to me.

small tan and white pied terrier running on rocky beach
curious dog looking over rock at beach

After a bit of a run around and lots of treats he decided I wasn’t so bad after all. He even let me stick my light in his face – which he was surprisingly ok about – and struck some very supermodel poses.

small tan and white pied terrier sitting on rock looking up at camera
small white and fawn pied terrier type dog standing on rock posing

Buddy’s owner brought his flat faced cousin, Bentley, along too so he could take part in my #SquishyFaceCrew book project.

Bentley was a bit out of sorts, maybe because it was all very new and his people weren’t there? We’re not sure, even though he tried his very best to tell us all about it for the entire time we were at the beach! Luckily we all need to take a breath between complaints and that’s when I got each of these shots. My record of never meeting a dog I couldn’t photograph remains unblemished!

worried red and white bulldog headshot
grumpy red and white bulldog sitting on rocks looking up
red and white bulldog standing on cool looking rocks at the beach
red and white bulldog standing on rock with off camera lighting and very expressive face

When the shot of the cousins together was suggested I thought there was no chance … but look at them sitting together like perfect angels. Thanks for proving me wrong boys!

two dogs sitting on a rock looking up at camera

Along with some big framed pieces, a fine art collection and an acrylic piece, I also produced an album for Buddy’s person. You can see a digital flip through on my Instagram here.

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