Well, they are for us anyway!

Dave and I don’t do decorations or presents and Ruthless Things doesn’t have a decadent Christmas party to look forward to at this time of year. Living so far away from family and old friends, I often find myself getting a bit homesick in December (not so much that I want to subject myself to winter in Dublin though, brrrrr!). To beat the moody blues I’ve come up with the perfect Christmas present for myself … foster puppies!

two staffy puppies in a box
two pit bull puppies in a box

If you’ve been watching my stories on Facebook and Instagram over the last week you’d know that my days have been spent with these massive timewasters! We’re fostering Snoop and Raven for WOOF Dog Rescue. I pretty much begged Elyshia to let me have some of the litter of seven Amstaff puppies that she’d hand raised from two days old.

They arrived last Friday. I attempted to photograph them on Sunday (the two box pics above) but they knew nothing so I’ve done a little training with them every day since and now they’re great little models. In fact Snoop is so good he’s making it very hard for me to edit and send his adoption photos to Elyshia. Must.not.fail.

cute puppy in denim vest
cute pitbull puppy in denim vest
cute puppy sitting on wooden table with head tilt
baby puppy lying with head resting on wooden table

Raven didn’t take to modelling the same way that Snoop did. She’s way more interested in doing whatever she damn pleases but she did stop moving occasionally for me to get a few shots for her profile.

pitbull pup in a pink tutu
puppy standing on a wooden table with mouth open wow
headshot of amstaff puppy with bad ears
fawn pup with black mask lying on wooden table looking sad

After the individual photos it was time to attempt a shot of them together. The beanbag worked wonders at keeping their wriggly butts in the one spot!

pit bull littermates lying on a beanbag

Since Snoop was doing such a great job I decided to raise the stakes, with a Santa hat. Nailed it!

pit bull puppy sitting on wooden table wearing Santa hat
pit bull puppy lying on wooden table chewing on Santa hat

If you want more puppy spam you’ll generally find it on my Instagram stories at @ruthlessphotos and @bruno_the_blockhead and on my @ruthlessthings feed. I’ve posted some videos on Bruno’s Facebook page too. Believe me, I’m not holding out on you!

Snoop and Raven are two of a litter of seven puppies. You can see more of the other five on WOOF Dog Rescue’s Facebook page. Click the button below to request an adoption application form.

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