When Beretta’s owners saw that I was coming to Canberra for my Autumn sessions, and that discounted shoots were available for puppies and rescued blockheads, they booked straight away. They’d recently adopted their gorgeous girl from a local rescue and they knew she was destined for stardom!

smiling blue and white amstaff sitting in front of blue sky and lake

Because she was brand new, and still had to learn a thing or two about coming when called, we kept Beretta on lead for the whole session, to keep her safe.

How stunning are the colours in Canberra in Autumn? I already have a couple of bookings locked in for 2019 so if you’re keen to book me then too now is a good time to get in touch.

blue and white rescue amstaff lying in autumn leaves with funny ear
happy rescue pitbull type lying in autumn leaves looking up at camera
happy rescue pitbull type sitting in autumn leaves looking up at camera

These sessions are a lot shorter than a full Portrait Session but I still like to get a wide variety of shots for my client to choose from so we moved on to a third spot at the location.

Doesn’t Beretta have the best smile? Such a looker!

happy rescue blockhead lying in a log at sunset

Her people loved all the photos so they ordered the lot! To see a digital flip through of Beretta’s album head over to my Instagram account.

If you’d like a whole month of this gorgeous girl in your life next year grab yourself one of my 2019 Rescued Blockhead calendars via the button below. At time of posting there were just six calendars left.

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