You met Hugo already, now meet the whole pack! Maibelle, Maxwell and Hugo had their Squishy Face Crew book session last week.

I started with the matriarch, Maibelle. If she looks like a total sweetheart it’s because she is!

smiling white british bulldog sitting on bench at park

white british bulldog with underbite sitting on bench at park

Next up was Maxwell. He’s mostly called his nickname though – Handsome. Fitting, right?

brindle pied english bulldog lying on bench at park backlit with headtilt

brindle pied english bulldog sitting in bushes at park backlit looking up at camera and smiling

He’s a bit of a flirt.

brindle pied english bulldog rolling on the grass

It was a while since Hugo had his puppy session with me but he still remembered everything I taught him about working the camera.

exotic blue tri-coloured british bulldog standing on bench looking up at camera and smiling

exotic blue tri-coloured british bulldog standing on bench at park

After all the posed shots it was playtime.

white british bulldog running at park with blue ball in mouth

brindle pied english bulldog running in park all mouth and tongue

exotic blue tri-coloured british bulldog standing in park with stick

I was determined to get a photo of them all running together with a stick. It took quite a few attempts but we got there in the end!

two british bulldogs running in park with a stick

three british bulldogs running in park with a stick

Once they were sufficiently tired out it was time for a family photo. It was actually a lot easier than I’d expected.

three british bulldogs sitting side by side on a wooden bridge

We finished the session with some off-camera lighting. This was the hardest part of the shoot, but not because of the dogs – there was an angry black swan that really didn’t want us in his territory! The dogs weren’t fazed by it but the handlers weren’t too comfortable. Thankfully it eventually decided to leave us alone and we were able to get the shots I wanted.

three british bulldogs sitting side by side on a bench in front of a lake at the park

You can see more in the digital flip through of the 12×12″ album I custom designed for my client:

This is a composite of the acrylic collection that their owner now has hanging in her office.

wall display of photos of three bulldogs

How nice is this testimonial I received afterwards? I have the best clients!

After having researched far and wide for a photographer who was extraordinarily talented (and patient) enough to capture the very spirit and heart of my beloveds, I was consistently drawn back to Ruth’s work. As such the decision was made to task Ruth with what I thought would be mission impossible – three British bulldogs AND all at once! Most photographers would shy from the experience whereas Ruth not only rose to the challenge but surpassed all expectations. The images Ruth captured are beautifully magical and surreal. Her work has become some of my most prized possessions which I will cherish forever. Ruth’s creative abilities remain unparalleled as does her personal touch and guidance she offered at every stage of the process. She is incredibly talented but also incredibly generous in her time, patience and offerings. The entire experience was flawless and diligently effected with the utmost professionalism.

If you’d like to get involved in my Squishy Face Crew book fundraiser project it’s not too late. I’m still accepting applications and would love to photograph your flat faced bestie.

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