In order to get a nice portrait of these two livewires I had to ask their owners to leash them and stand off to the side while holding Fouey and Luca in position. Like previous before and afters that I’ve shared, I underexposed the shot to retain the colour in the sky and used off-camera flash to light the dogs. The power was low so it didn’t look too “flashy”. I then used Lightroom and Photoshop to create the final image, which included adding some foreground from a different shot in the series.
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I drove all the way to Wollongong to photograph these two pretty girls. Have you ever seen the size of their dog beach? It’s HUGE! And it was almost deserted too! Maybe don’t tell everyone though, I don’t think the locals would want their secret getting out.

In case anyone is taking notes, yes, that is yet another matching pair to add to my rising tally for the year!

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