It’s not often that I feel like getting up before sunrise on a Sunday morning and since it’s the one day of the week that Dave doesn’t have to get up at 4.45am it’s quite amazing that these photos exist! Sometimes I get the urge to take photos just for me. We’d done a session at this location for Tails of Sydney and I loved the pictures so much I wanted to go back with my own dog some day … so we did. Being the difficult subject that he is I was only hoping for one great shot, but Bruno did some of his best work that morning. Look at him actually looking at the camera? I think he’s finally getting the hang of this modelling thing. Maybe there’s a doggy version of this list that he can aspire to be on.

I only brought one lens so there’s not a tonne of variety here but I did well to narrow it down to just these few favourites to share …

good looking blockhead lying on rocks OCF wide angle sunrise profoto B2

tri colour amstaff standing on rocks wide angle bobble head

handsome blue fawn Staffy rescue dog sitting on rocks at sunrise at Maroubra Beach licking nose

blue fawn sable American Staffordshire Terrier standing on rocks wide angle bobble head sunrise starburst lens flare

sable pitbull type dog standing on rocks wide angle bobble head lens flare

I only included this one cause it’s ridiculousness makes me laugh.

lean pitbull type dog posing on rocks at sunrise wide angle lens flare

The money shot, courtesy of something behind me that got his attention.

ridiculously good looking pitbull type dog lying on rocks at sunrise blue sky shot with profoto b2 flash

It’s a long weekend here in Sydney so I borrowed a puppy from Fetching Dogs for the weekend. Partially for me. Partially for Bruno. It’s a very nice perk of the job to be able to just get a puppy fix to feed the soul when you need it. My personal instagram (@ruthlessthings) will be a good source of #puppyspam over the weekend if you care to indulge.

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